By: Gerald Mendeja | Jun, 12 2013 | Technology

Introducing Apple's iOS 7

Hey Pupians! Especially those who loves technology news; It is official! Apple's mobile operating system iOS 7 is coming, simpler, flatter and cleaner design. This is considered the next chapter of iOS since the start of iOS, from glassy-look design, it is now on more cleaner and flat design (I don't want to mention, but let's mention that the design looks like has a touch of Windows Phone and Android Jelly Bean design). But overall, the design is absolutely perfect and the time has come for the iOS changes.

Features like Control Center allows you to access the controls and settings in just a swipe-up from any screen, including the lock screen. With this you can switch the Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, brightness, bluetooth, rotation, music player, AirDrop, AirPlay and other controls & applications.

iOS 7

The Notification Center has been upgraded, and now will allow you to see the summary of today's events or your missed notifications. One thing, Notification Center is now accessible on your Lock screen.

The all new Multitasking; before it only shows the icons below the screen, on iOS 7 the screenshot or overview of the application is viewable on the center of the screen. And no more shaking icons to kill the running application, just swipe up the preview then your done.

iOS 7 Compatibility

More features on Camera, Photos, AirDrop, Safari, iTunes Radio, Siri, AppStore, Find My iPhone and many more are considered on the iOS 7.

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