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Gaming addiction: An indisputable veracity

Gaming addiction: An indisputable veracity


  Have you ever wondered why games are developed and published? Do you know your limitations as an avid enthusiast of video and computer games?  These are just few of the questions you have to ask yourself and respond in order to get a new �skill� beneficial to �level up� your life and defeat your strange enemies.

  Gaming innovations walk forth as years gone by. Innovations that attract more people to play video games and be more competitive in the gaming industry. But only few people have ever thought of getting over with it and continue with the life they have at hand. Students are the primary victims of these gaming raptures that usually leads into addiction and straight-faced vision in life.

Games are meant for entertainment as mentioned by Ralph Baer � father of video games. However, the term entertainment turned out to be spontaneous addiction that ruins bright future. It is undeniable that games bring prolific benefits to people such as distraction of the mind from pain and discomfort, improving social skills and self-confidence, enhanced problem solving and decision-making capabilities, and being a good team player. But despite the fact that games are beneficial for everyone, drawbacks seemingly surpassed its gains. Some of its disadvantages are poor health due to lack of exercise, damaged eyesight and inability to sleep, sudden transition of personality caused by violence in video games, vanishing focus in studies for students, and the worst, the fact that it may lead you to the wrong path making your life miserable and full of regrets.

It is really difficult to abstain from playing games when you are used to it especially if your surrounding is full of temptation. There is no other way but to teach yourself how to balance your life and gaming interests. Make yourself aware of the possibilities and try to limit your gaming interactions for as how you limit your food or school expenses for bets and computer rentals just to fill momentary pleasures. In fact, there�s someone who struggles so hard just to sustain all your necessities for every single day and they are never hesitant to give you financial assistance whenever you ask to. Do they deserve what you have done so far?

              Apparently, this is the best time to think about what you have done and how to make those things you have done wrong stand straight. It�s not about abandoning your interests but setting certain boundaries and priorities. Priority that will wear a smile on your loved ones� faces. It is never easy to change the things you are fond of doing. It will take time indeed. If one day you see yourself being so immune to exhaustion despite long hours of playing video games, then you might need to inform yourself about these undisputable veracity of gaming addiction.


 Writer: Yovichi Perez 

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