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Vox Nova #MostLiked Campus Event of 2014 Results

Happy New Year PUPQCians! As promised, we are releasing the results of thelast month's  Vox Nova #MostLiked Campus Event of 2014!  Here are the summary of the winners, from lowest down to the #MostLiked Event of 1st Semester of 2014.

6. Linis Barangay

The annual clean-up drive in PUPQC, known as Linis Barangay 2014 is one of the kick-off activities of the university's foundation week celebration.  It was the 6th #MostLiked event of 2014, with the total votes  vote percentage of 5.4%.

5.  Youth Entrepreneur Society Exhibit

YES Innovation exhibit showed off PUPQCians' innovative skills in developing new products landed at 5th spot, with 9.73% of total votes.

4. Mr.  and Ms. PUPQC

Winners of org-based pageants compete in the annual pageant, dubbed as Mr. and Ms. PUPQC.  The said pageant got a 14.05% of total votes, which makes it to the 4th spot.

3. Freshmen Acquaintance Party 2014:   Ultimate Throwback Generations United

Freshies of PUPQC took the memory lane in this year's Freshmen Acquaintance Party, with a throwback theme.  It landed on 3rd spot after getting 16.22% of total votes.

2. Buwan ng Wika 2014

The annual Filipino month competitions organized by Damdamin at Malay (Damlay) in celebration of what we know as "Buwan ng Wika" was the 2nd #MostLiked Campus Event of 2014, with 25.41% of the total votes.

And lastly, the #MostLiked Campus Event goes to...


The highly-anticipated annual PUPQC Cheerdance Competition, which showcases PUPQC freshies with their stunts and moves, got 29.19% of votes, which make CDC 2014 as the #MostLiked Campus Event of 2014.

These events would make our college life fun and memorable, but we also learn something from them. In 2015, we hope that many PUPQCians would still support and participate in our campus events and programs, which will make everyone's college life memorable and unforgettable.  Happy New Year, PUPQCians!

An in-depth article about the Cheerdance Competition will be published on the next issue of Vox Nova this 2015.

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