Reflective of the great emphasis being given by the countrys leadership aimed at providing appropriate attention to the alleviation of the plight of the poor, the development of the citizens, and of the national economy to become globally competitive, the University shall commit its academic resources and manpower to achieve its goals through:
1. Provision of undergraduate and graduate education which meet international standards of quality and excellence;
2. generation and transmission of knowledge in the broad range of disciplines relevant and responsive to the dynamically changing domestic and international environment;
3. Provision of more equitable access to higher education opportunities to deserving and qualified Filipinos; and
4. Optimization, through efficiency and effectiveness, of social, institutional, and individual returns and benefits derived from the utilization of higher education resources.

As a state university, the Polytechnic University of the Philippines believes that:
1. Education is an instrument for the development of the citizenry and for the enhancement of nation building;
2. Meaningful growth and transformation of the country are best achieved in an atmosphere of brotherhood, peace, freedom, justice and a nationalist-oriented education imbued with the spirit of humanist internationalism.